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The Zoupet is now named the Smart Slider™.
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Note that Smart Slider™ was previously known as "Zoupet".

From press reviews

One Smiley Monkey
IdeaConnection The gadgeteer


From clients

Sylvie L., Lévis, QC, Canada A quick note to tell you how your invention is great! We installed it the day we received 35 people for a garden party. All of them thought it was so cool and above all, very convenient. I can’t go without it anymore!!! Congratulations!
Marc M., Mascouche, QC, Canada

The mail package is good because it can be received as an ordinary letter. Instructions are clear and well written. I prefer this smaller format over the prototype I have tested before (see my comment at the next section). I like the colour too, but I'm still hoping for a black version. My better half likes the look (smaller and discreet).

Serge H., Mercier, QC, Canada.

Since I've got one, I can't go without it! Can you imagine? I waited a whole week before installing it... and I had guests during that time! I finally installed it in less than 5 minutes, just before receiving my family. I should have bought it earlier. Everybody wants it now.

Luc A., Mille-Isles, QC, Canada.

Why didn't I think of it before? That's what I tell myself every day. It's so handy! No only when I have my hands full, but also when they are dirty, sticky or greasy. That's happening a lot when cooking, gardening or tinkering. I've bought some more for my friends.


From prototype testers


My family used the first prototype made from a plate with tubes. We are now happy to use the final product. Our friends and relatives love to use it when they visit.

– Sébastien Gagnon


I've tried many prototypes on my patio door. Most of them were too big and some were ugly. But I believe that the final version has all the qualities to go everywhere, even the trendiest houses.

– Catherine Légaré


As a prototype tester, I had to figure out how to install it by myself. Well... I've made the mistake of installing it on the screen instead of on its frame. If the installation guide is so short and clear now, that's because of me!

– Claire Thermidor


I've tested the big black version and I'm eager to buy mine as soon as it becomes available. I now have the current white version that works just fine.

– Marc Malo


I've tried a prototype designed to fit doors with lips. I'm glad to see that the final version is simpler than and as versatile as the one I've tested.

– Steve Sinki