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The Zoupet is now named the Smart Slider™.
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Returns: Smart Slider™ is warranted to be free from manufacturing defects.

  • If purchased online: email us a photo of the defect to receive a new Smart Slider™ for free.
  • If purchased from a store: take it back to your store with its receipt to get a new one for free.

Space: The plates were designed to prevent a full door opening. If need be, unstick the plate that blocks its complete opening. It is usually the inner plate.

Theft: Remove your plates before leaving the house. We are not responsible for stolen plates.

Snow and ice: Remove the plates before snow or ice get on it or simply leave your screen door open. We are not responsible for the consequences of any screen doors stuck under snow, ice or any other obstacle.

Children and animals: Remove your plates if you don’t want young children or animals to use the Smart Slider™ to cross the door. We are not responsible of the consequences of the use of a Smart Slider™ by a child or by an animal.

Health: Do not use the Smart Slider™ if you don’t have enough balance. Do not try to operate a Smart Slider™ with a cane, a crutch or other apparatus.

Responsibility: We are not responsible for breakage, accidents or injuries caused by a Smart Slider™. You must install both plates to protect your screen. Make sure that your plates do not significantly touch your screen when you’re using it.

Intellectual property: The name Smart Slider™ is a registered trademark and the invention itself is protected by a Canadian patent CA 2930630 and a US patent pending.