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The Zoupet is now named the Smart Slider™.
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Question: On which side should I put my Smart Slider™?

Answer: The rounded corner should be over the screen. You should stick the three other corners on the door frame.


Question: What should I do to completely open my screen door?

Answer: Take off the plate that blocks it. It's generally the one on the inside.


Question: My patio screen door no longer closes completely. What should I do?

Answer: That's because you put the Velcro® strips too close from the frame border. Take them off and put them more on the inside.


Question: I have an embossed door frame which prevents the Velcro® strips to lay flat, hence reducing the contact area. What should I do?

Answer: Go to the Instructions page and read the "How to install the Smart Slider™ on an embossed frame" section.


Question: Why should I put the soft/female/loop Velcro® strips on the door frame?

Answer: To prevent fine socks to get stiches when the plates are removed.


Question: My plates don't stick well anymore. What should I do?

Answer: Remove the dirt from the Velcro® strips with your nails or a brush. Don't hesitate to buy new Velcro® strips.


Question: What should I do to not get my Smart Slider™ stolen?

Answer: Take off the plates and put them inside. Don't forget to lock the door!


Question: I can't prevent my pet from using the Smart Slider™!

Answer: Remove it. But before doing so, make a movie, put it on YouTube and send us the link!


Question: My Smart Slider is bending a bit when I press my foot against it. Is it normal?

Answer: Yes, it is a normal flexion of the Smart Slider. We rounded its corner to make sure it never damages the screen.


Question: Can I buy the Smart Slider™ at my local store?

Answer: The Smart Slider™ is now available at a few stores.


Question: Can I order any colour?

Answer: Many people have a colour for one side of their door and another colour for the other side. And there are so many tones for brown, beige and gray... So we have decided to only offer it in white. For other colours, the best solution is to paint it yourself with a PVC paint like Krylon. For best results, apply at least two coats. Ordinary paint or metal paint will not work.


Question: The Velcro® strips glue made a spot on a Smart Slider™. I can remove it by rubbing it with my fingers, but is there a faster way?

Answer: Just use a drop of lighter fuel, WD-40 or any degreaser.


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