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The Zoupet is now named the Smart Slider™.
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The new way to slide your screen door

Smart Slider™ is a door device to open and close a patio screen door with your foot when you have your hands full. (Canadian patent CA 2930630, US patent pending.)

Got an active patio life? Got to cross your patio door often with your hands full? Scared of breaking your screen by trying to open it with your elbow or foot? Smart Slider™ is for you! Don’t waste time installing nets or complicated mechanisms. Stick a few Velcro® strips and slide it!


  • Easy to use;
  • Easy to install (no tools needed);
  • Fits on most screen doors;
  • Protects your screen;
  • Resistant to all weather conditions (made from PVC);
  • Doesn't stain and cleans easily with a wet cloth;
  • You'll receive it by mail as a letter (less than ¾" / 2 cm thick);
  • Satisfaction guaranteed.

Press (Smart Slider™ was previously known as "Zoupet".)

One Smiley Monkey  Zoupet: A Door Handle For Those With An Active Patio Life

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Since I've got one, I can't go without it! Can you imagine? I waited a whole week before installing it... and I had guests during that time! I finally installed it in less than 5 minutes, just before receiving my family. I should have bought it earlier. Everybody wants it now. ─ Serge H., Mercier, QC, Canada.

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